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summer. bob moses. outlawe trying to segregation. dr. king is in jail in st. augustine, fla., and in that one summer, partisan politics turned upside down in the united states. the democrats went to the party of solids of segregation that they have been for a century -- the party of solid south the segregation that they had been for a century. segregation that they had been for a century. rights and aes' sign of tyranny in the government. the first republicans popped up in the south, and the party of lincoln gave way to the party of presumptive white people, so it turned partisan politics on its head in one summer. ofween the far reaches texas and the atlantic ocean in 1964, the very first ones came up. the chapter right in the middle shows how the power of race and the power of this movement really drove partisan politics in ways that people do not appreciate today. that is part of our misremembering. we do not want to remember how powerful a force raised can be in our politics, both for the bad and for the good -- how powerful a force race can be in our politics. tavis: th
bob mccann says his herd is smaller than it used to be. >> it's going to be hard to rebuild the herd. >> reporter: curt mallory says it won't just impact american food costs but global supply. >> if anybody has a marginal or total crop failure, it's going to start impacting worldwide the availability of those commodities on the food shelf. it's that critical. i've never seen it in my lifetime. >> reporter: the national weather service isn't providing much hope. its new spring forecast calls for warmer than normal temperatures with little relief from the drought. for "nightly business report," jane wells, moore park, california. >>> and coming up, first smoking, then cholesterol levels. now one company is asking employees to weigh in. or pay up for health insurance. is it a motivation to get healthy or an invasion of privacy? first, though, let's attack a look at how the international markets finished the day. >>> we don't have to tell you the cost of health care is skyrocketing, especially for big companies providing coverage for thousands of workers. but there's a growing controvers
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2